Rotor blades for mixer units

In mixer installations for gypsum and fibre products, among other things, there are rotor discs that mix and reduce the product. They have to be replaced on a regular basis due to wear and tear. 
For various customers, we act as a complete supplier for the finished pieces. From model to finish. Because the entire production is coordinated by Waterschoot Metals, everything runs smoothly. The customer only has to take care of the installation and the production process can continue again!

We have already supplied various types in cast iron, but also in cast steel. A large stainless steel version with 21 teeth was a real challenge to cast! An extra surcharge was provided here because this large surface is sensitive to deformations during heat treatment. 

The machining is carried out on a CNC-controlled vertical lathe with driven tools.

Complete mixing installation
Rotor in stainless steel in machined condition
Disc 12 teeth in ductile cast iron
Disc rough casting

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