Bridge bearings Bracquegnies

Since 2012, the Strépy-Bracquegnies pedestrian bridge over "Canal du Centre" has been inaccessible due to its poor condition. 
Restoration of the bridge began in 2017. 
Among other things, the cast iron parts of the bridge were in poor condition and needed to be replaced. 
So the main contractor of the project had to look for a supplier for the castings. 

The end customer, SPW (Service Public de Wallonie), chose to replace the old pieces in lamellar cast iron with EN-GJS-400-18-LT which retains better properties even at lower temperatures.

By choosing Waterschoot Metals, it was possible to entrust this part of the project entirely to one partner. We took care of the patternscasting and also the machining of the castings. 

Bridge during restauration
3D models of all parts
Finished parts
Finished parts
Bridge bearing parts
Bridge bearing parts

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