Who we are

A team of motivated and qualified people who strive for high customer satisfaction. 

Supplying castings in the quality you want, at the right delivery date for a competitive and correct price, that's what we do !

We have our own warehouse and workshop in Stekene, near the Dutch border.


How it grew

1947 : establishment as self-employed by RenĂ© Waterschoot at Turnhout , Belgium

1967 : founding of PVBA RenĂ© Waterschoot en Zonen

2000 : acquisition and transformation into Waterschoot Castings BVBA. Move to Sint-Niklaas, Sinaai 

2012 : start up of production of light metal construction; change of name to Waterschoot Metalworks BVBA, move to industrial area, Stekene (Belgium).

2019 : Split up of activities

  •                Waterschoot Metals BV : Castings in steel, iron and aluminium
  •                Waterschoot Metalworks BV : (light) metal construction  en metaalworkshop.

Check out the website of our sister companywaterschootmetalworks.com


Are you looking for a foundry for your steel, iron or aluminium castings? You have come to the right place.