New York staircase

Like many typical buildings in New York (streetview) this building has a lot of cast iron in the facade, including 3 staircases and fence. 
This building was restored by the firm Van Cronenburg including the majestic staircases. 

Our collaboration started when the people at Van Cronenburg were looking for an iron foundry and found a suitable partner: Waterschoot Metals. 
Of course there were no drawings available and only remnants of the cast iron remained. 
The draughtsmen and designers at Van Cronenburg set to work and through close cooperation with us, an action plan was drawn up for the casting of new staircases, steps, balusters, railings and bollards.
For each part, a pattern was milled from wood or plastic and based on this pattern, new parts were cast in the foundry. A project that everyone enjoyed and is very proud of. The stairs were also each given a name: Billy, Bowy and Residence.
We also supplied the cast elements of the fences (separation between private and public domain).

What did we do ?

  • Delivery of rough castings
  • blasting, metallizing + primer
  • Test setup in our own workshop 

Our sister company Waterschoot Metalworks also participated in this project! Different parts of the fencing and railings were manufactured by them. 

Patternequipment for small bollard
Old and new
Elements for stairs + metallisation + prime paint
Ornamental castings
packed for shipping overseas

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