Cast Steel

Also for your application - from 100 grams up to 100 tons!

Cast steel contains only very low percentages of carbon (< 0.75% C).
Cast steel can be produced with a range of properties. Alloys are selected to suit the application. Most steels are weldable (under specific conditions).

The mechanical properties of cast steel are entirely determined by its chemical composition and heat treatment. All cast steel parts are heat-treated after casting in a furnace. This treatment is part of the standard production process and is important to obtain the desired mechanical properties.

If we divide the cast steels on the basis of the alloy composition, we can distinguish the following types of cast steel:

  • Plain Carbon steel
  • Low-alloy cast steel
  • High-alloy cast steel
  • Heat resistant cast steel
  • Wear-resistant cast steel (e.g. manganese steel - Hadfield steel)
  • Stainless cast steel
Compressor casing G21Mn5 + QT
Drive piece GS52
Grate for ball mill Hadfieldsteel Manganese steel GX120Mn12
Blade carrier GX5CrNiNb 19-11 AT
Cable wheels G42CrMo4 V
Chain wheel GS52 + N
Extruder Barrel GS52.3 GE320 N
Spare part for steel factory GS C25
Valve GX40CrSi13 1.4729
Bearing housing GS45
Pump impeller GX5CrNiNb18-9
Excavator part GS 20Mn5 + N
Carrier GS45
Closed pump impeller (centrifugal pump)
Rotary disc blade GX4CrNiMo16-5-1 1.4405
Wheel for casting trolley GS60

Products in cast steel: 

  • Lock gate parts (bearings,wheels,...)
  • Cable wheel
  • Turbine casing 
  • Pump casing
  • Wheels
  • Bearing housing

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