You have an idea, a welded construction, a sketch ? We help you to realise it “as cast”. Modifications to the shape due to ability to produce, production cost, tolerances, inspection techniques, material choice, … we help you .


Metal casting is a very old technique that allows you to produce complex shapes in a repetitive way and in a huge variety of materials. We are specialized in the delivery of sand moulded castings. Sand moulds are made using a mould that can be very simple or complex, depending on the complexity of the desired casting, de batch size and the expected accuracy. Sand moulds are made by hand or by (semi) automatic moulding machines.
Machining and Treatments
If the casting technique is not resulting in a sufficient accuracy, than we also organise the machining (turning, milling,…). Apart from that we can also do several heat and surface treatments on the castings.


cast steel, non-alloyed & high alloyed, heat resistant, wear resistant,…
Stainless steel
Grey (lamellar) cast iron, ductile cast iron, white (wear resistant) cast iron
Aluminium alloys.